NO! to insurrection & YES! to the resurrection of


The recent turmoil and deliberate destruction that has taken place in our beautiful country, mirrors and magnifies the sad circumstances of the situation in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

In 1989 (to counteract my growing sense of despair and as a means of personal survival) I conceptualized PRECIOUS CIRCLE, searching for and collecting only the positive words and headlines that were hidden between the lines of articles that were written about the hopeless situation of our country.

For 6 years, every single day, I collected only the positive words.

I became aware of shifts and changes in my own life which were positive, beneficial and miraculous. I soon realized that all gradual change comes from within and only then, it is reflected on the outside.

Miraculously Precious Circle completed itself when Mandela was inaugurated as our President. I was able to complete the final 50th collage from the headlines as reflected in the newspapers of only 2 days, 10th and 11th May 1994.

I am sad to say that the global focus and obsession with Covid and all the negativity surrounding it, has become a self-full filling prophecy. The downward spiral into negativity of our collective thoughts concerning poverty, criminality, lack of hope, lack of standards and role-models in society, lack of ideals and vision, lack of morality, lack of discipline, ethics and high standards in our country, has also become a self-full filling prophecy whereby daily life, gradually slides into decay, disrespect and anarchy.

However, the increasing hardship and recent explosion of senseless destruction and chaos, has become a painful wake-up call.

We must first know and understand the full meaning of the words as concepts, that we stand for and what we envision for the future, the non-negotiables for an organized, disciplined and fair and free society (not free for all!) and by what compass we intend to live, (rules and regulations) before we are able to BUILD OUR NEW SOUTH AFRICA and BUILD OUR NEW WORLD, WORD BY WORD.

– Aleta Michaletos