Project Description


Mixed media and gouache on paper 135 x 200 mm

‘My ‘ecoleidoscopic’ gem is an extreme form of brain gymnastics. In addition, I think it accurately mimics and symbolizes the complexities of my real and virtual life. There is such condensed and potent diversity contained in it, that I‘ve now reached the stage where I feel that I’ve exhausted all possibilities. I will have to summon all the creative courage I have, to invent yet another freshly original field of interest! Not only must the addition be unique, it also has to harmonize and blend with its neighbours, not unlike the interconnectedness of all humanity, but also the animal kingdom and plant and mineral worlds.’

‘I was under the impression that my enthusiasm for the painting would last indefinitely, but as the permutations of colour harmonies dwindle, and my ability to retrieve new solutions from an
invisible source, so does the attention I’m able to direct towards the work.Yesterday, I found myself accepting the fact that I would once more like to paint evocative human figures. The abstractions of ‘ecoleidoscope’ were boring me to death.‘Shrouded sexuality’ will possibly flow from this and I hesitantly start to explore and write about my new fixation…. ‘

2012 sold
2012 FIGHT/FLIGHT OF THE IMAGINATION Galleries Petites, Aleta Michaletos Galleries Pretoria South Africa
2006-2012 Aleta Michaletos Galleries