COSMORGANIC: Fusion of the COSMO(s) –infinite- with the ORGANIC –finite

The on-going and perpetually evolving series: ‘COSMORGANIC’, was conceptualized as far back as 1995. When she joined the ranks with luminaries of the art world such as Chagall, Miro, Vasarely etc and entered the global art arena in 1994 when she received the UN Award at the UN headquarters in New York, she felt the urgency and responsibility to create something challenging and unique, resulting in ‘COSMORGANIC’.
Art lovers, who find themselves attracted to the mysteries of Parallel Universes, can indulge their senses in this enchanting series.
Whether you are interested in the concept of ‘time travel’ or archaeology where the layers of history are studied through the layers of the earth, or maybe ‘space travel’, exploring the galaxies….or do you prefer to explore the mysteries and depths of the sea-bed in a submarine….are you fascinated by what you observe through microscopes, endoscopes or telescopes? Each one of these instruments enhances our vision, enabling the individual to experience uncharted territory. All these ‘universes’ co-exist simultaneously, the interiors of our bodies, the cells that our organs are composed of, the mineral- plant- and animal kingdom around us, the sea-world and the stars, planets and galaxies that extend above, around and inside of us.

‘COSMORGANIC’ explores the very fabric of imagination and creativity, exploring visual, mental and spiritual travel. One’s eyes roam around, pulling the body along its path. Dipping, exploring, turning, caressing, retreating or disappearing, vaguely recognizing the substance, primal composition or very DNA of the fabric of matter.