These 15 works were selected from a profile of multimedia works in which Michaletos explores the concept of a ‘Safe Haven’.

Social decay, rampant violence and the resulting loss of traditional notions of security, as well as 3 important events in 2001, directly influenced her to create the paradoxical series ‘PLAYING IT SAFE/SAFE HAVEN’.

1) A traumatic burglary into her studio (her safe haven)
2) The abrupt destruction of the twin towers, N Y (a safe haven)
3) A brain scan as a birthday gift, from a neurologist friend.

Her unique profile, visible on the scan, suddenly offered her a vast reservoir of untapped inspiration and her ‘Cranium’ became the ultimate ‘Safe Haven’.
The most obvious benefit, was to tightly harness together in her recognizable silhouette, all the diverse (but frequently revisited) themes such as ‘Precious Circle’, ‘Cosmorganic’, ‘Landscape’, ‘Interior’, etc.

Unfulfilled yearnings and the illusions of the existence of ‘greener grass’, were shattered one by one.
Subsequently, the world lost its charm, and she took refuge in her mind.

She redirected her gaze from the unpredictable and untrustworthy and internalized her vision, where her imaginative creations could shape themselves undisturbed and unperturbed.