With my ‘COSMORGANIC’ series, my point of reference was the ‘Amaryllis’ and with the ‘ECORGANIC series, my fascination is with the abundance of growing plants in general. I have also combined Technology with the Organic.

When I paint and while I paint I am completely stimulated, intrigued, fascinated, entertained and satisfied.

It is truly a sensual, emotional, intellectual, psychological and physical journey.

Split-second, delicate, subtle choices are made and I suffer from intense mental and physical fatigue after engaging in a short period of painting/creating.

Initial choices subtly make way for secondary ones as the “plot” evolves.

This is a highly cerebral form of creation and entertainment possibly comparable to advanced computer games or competitive games of skill such as chess or fencing.

The type of images I generate, reminds one of the intricate pathways of the brain, or heat sensor photographs from space or waterways, computer – motherboard: in short: blue prints of creation.

Colours, shapes, forms and lines make up the essence of all creation. The eye, mind and very soul of the spectator is taken on a journey as you trace the pathways of ‘ECOLEIDOSCOPE’.

They originated ± 1993/4

± 14 years ago