Project Description


1.3 m x 4.5 m (5 x 900 x 1300 mm)
Oil on board

‘The idyllic, frozen in a moment of ecstasy.’

Up to date, ‘Idyllirium’ is the most ambitious of my ongoing body of work, ‘Translucence: Les Filles et Garcons’, where the delicate and translucent application of paint, becomes the perfect vehicle, to express fluid and feminine forms and imbue them with a feeling of the ethereal.
This panel is a tribute to femininity. 22 females are depicted and the spectator’s eye is gradually led by the rhythmic and sensual lines formed by their beautiful shapes which result in a haunting yet serene visual melody. The nymphs are oblivious to the indulgence of the spectator and we in turn get a secret glimpse into their private world. Only one of the nymphs, with only her arms visible, dares to have eye contact.
Nude figures possess ambivalent meanings and imply ambiguous emotions and when the contemplator is confronted with the revealed human forms in ‘Idyllirium’, the attitude is that of NUDITAS VIRTUALIS = purity and innocence.
Heavy but subtle patterning, inspired by Oriental motifs, contrast with the simplicity of the figures.
Five separate pieces, each measuring 1.3m x 0.9m, are attached to each other, so as to result in the monumental ‘Idyllirium’ that spans a total of 4.5 metres. The ‘feast of females’ – adolescent, delicately boned, blond or brunette, as well as those who are more generously proportioned and sensual, personify the wonderful variety of beauty and femininity to be found in diverse cultures. Some have the angular lines of an art deco bronze or ivory figure, whereas others possess the soft sensuality of the ultra-feminine art nouveau sirens.
Traces of the subtle influence of Botticelli and Alphonse Mucha, both childhood passions, are suggested.
This freeze is an ode to a place where perfect harmony and beauty exists, where nothing can disturb or disrupt – a Shangrila.