Project Description


oil on board  550 x 700 mm
21st of April 2008  Amusement

‘Muse’ – the spirit or power regarded as inspiring poets, musicians, and artists, a source of inspiration.
It’s amusing that this painting seems as though it has hardly any paint on it and yet, there are several layers. I have created an illusion. It seems transparent and flimsy and delicate. The application of the paint echoes the frivolous mood of the subject.‘A young girl has just stepped from a scented bath and is sighing and smiling…. reflections of floating candles, flowers and the spiciness of incense drifting above the shimmering water in hazy little clouds, have relaxed and delighted her. Her unblemished skin, still dripping and steaming and the colour and taste of honey, contrasts with the bluish-black muscular arms of the slave girl that receives and wraps her in a giant, fluffy white towel.
Her firm, young flesh is tenderly anointed with sweet smelling myrrh and with dilated eyes she mirthfully giggles and sighs with approval whilst observing her reflection in a mirror. Unruly little wisps of hair are carefully secured with tortoiseshell combs and then decorated with aromatic flowers. All the while she hums to herself and is oblivious of the strains of mandolin which emanate from a pillowed corner on the patterned carpet. Following that, she is adorned with a shimmering silver and coral tunic, leaving her rounded left breast exposed.
Carefully a veil is placed over her hair and tied loosely in the nape of her neck and lastly a silver sash is wrapped around her youthful waist. Jingling silver earrings and necklace complete her dress before she is led before the Pasha.
The maiden is delighted in more ways than one….she does not share the fear or apprehension that she has noticed in the eyes of those that have gone before her, for ever since she laid eyes on the mature but handsome Pasha she has felt a wild stirring in her heart.  He may think otherwise, but tonight will not only be the usual consummation but indeed, the offering of her devotion and love for him!
And so, with gleaming eyes, enigmatic smile and raised arms that push her firm, pointed little breasts forward, she steps into the Pashas bedroom and then, for the very first time, their melting eyes meet and remain forever connected….

2008 sold LEGACY