Project Description


oil on canvas-board
Collection: APBCO

My initial experience with the desert was when I was still in primary school and it has held my fascination ever since. My aunt moved to Alexandria in Egypt and during this time, my grandmother paid her a visit. During the ensuing period, there was a steady flow of postcards and letters, which lasted several years. The stacks of correspondence, adorned with postage stamps and images depicting dunes, the Pyramids and various Egyptian Gods, Goddesses and artefacts, as well as the discussions held by the adults and which I eagerly followed, had a lasting influence on me. My interest in Archaeology, architecture, the desert as well as the processes of loss and decay, was also ignited at this time. My lengthy fascination with the desert, culminated in the opportunity to visit the Namib on two separate occasions. In 1996 my dream to visit Egypt was also realized.\

2004 Sold (APBCO Cobus du Plessis)
2004 ‘SOLO WINDOW BOX DISPLAY’ Chris Tugwell Gallery Brooklyn Mall Pretoria South Africa