Project Description


Aquarelle 230 x 175 mm
Collection of the artist

Bonjour from me in Paris!
Enjoy the result of one of the delicious new alleys my work has wandered into while I’m LIVING my last 10 days, before returning to DARKEST AFRICA!!!!

Tenderly I undo the knotted silken cords and untie the satin bows that bond me to Paris, beloved City of LIGHT! How ironic….. These final days have entered the melancholy stage where my only desire is for things to enfold sweetly, gently and s.l.o.w.l.y….. harvesting whatever I can, to tide me over the multi-levelled period of drought that I will inevitably enter into, once I tread on Africa’s harsh and bloody soil….

This modestly-sized aquarelle (24cm x 18cm) is titled: ‘The Hand That Creates’.
It contains several (but deliberately selected) elements and images that have not only surrounded me in Paris since 3 December (including a 10 day visit to London), but has filtered directly or indirectly into my consciousness and sub-conscious……

Au revoir dear friends!

2012 FLIGHT OF THE IMAGINATION Galleries Petites