‘I did not sleep much last night. I was hyper alert and
found it fascinating to listen to and distinguish between the
infinitesimal sounds on our roof and the gutter. 

I heard little thuds
on large leaves and a steady and worrying, metronomic drip on the

I heard a series of crashing waterfalls, as water rushed down
garden steps. Drops were becoming trickles and trickles became flowing
Something ancient and disturbing gripped my heart, when I
heard the faint but steady ‘steam train’, approaching in the distance. 

The sound of a powerful and unavoidable deluge, grew progressively
louder as it drew closer and when it hit, all the valves were open wide,
drowning out all neighboring sounds in one continuous, solid,
You guessed as much,

At dawn, the bird’s early chattering and chirping, cutting through
crystal clear air, filled my heart with joy and the pool is overflowing
with thankfulness.
Dusty leaves are glistening and wet shades of green are all one notch darker, whilst I breathe a sigh of relief….. ‘
Aleta Michaletos