oil on canvas 
600 x 500mm


Some thoughts:

COSMORGANIC: Fusion of the cosmos (infinite) with the organic (finite).
‘EMERGENCE’: The butterfly or Papillon is the perfect metaphor for ‘the organic’. 
The caterpillar withdraws from ‘visible’ life and entombs itself in its cocoon. Similarly the artist withdraws from life and entombs herself in her studio.
The place of withdrawal (death, social death) becomes the birthplace (place of transformation), from where the newly transformed, creation (Papillon or work of art), emerges.
Surrounded by chaotic order, it emerges in perfect, intricate simplicity, ready to fly into and ignite the imaginations of whosoever comes into contact with it.
The artist explores impossible acts of tolerance during the art/act of creation where TIME + TOLERANCE + APPLICATION = the intricate and methodical transformation of an idea and the subsequent emergence of an original work of art.
                                         Detail: ‘COSMORGANIC:EMERGENCE