Sacred materials
Taking care of ones materials, paint brushes, etc. is very important. We never see God’s materials and yet his creations are marvelous, awesome and fills us with humility..
Certainly He must also take good care of his ‘materials’. The ‘material’ is pure potential, waiting patiently, begging to be transformed into beautiful and sacred objects which can be loved and admired by all.
Spectacular and awe-inspiring creations, invariably elicit positive emotions from us, they are necessary to keep the Universe healthy and happy.
We are God’s Art Material. When we are born, we are fat and chubby and full of juicy potential. We lay in our bassinettes, side by side in the maternity ward, like little paint tubes. During our life on earth God presses us and extracts from us our pigment and paints life around us. At the end of our life, when we are haggard, empty and used up, we all lie down side by side in the drawers and shelves of the mortuary and then, side by side in the cemetery. But what God has created with our blood and marrow and thoughts and emotions, that is what lives on eternally.