This ‘Intellectual /Cerebral‘ portrait did not completely satisfy my need to portray the complexity of MAN (dela). Subsequently I was moved to conceive and portray, yet another aspect of him: ‘The Emotional’ portrait titled: ‘God Bless Madiba’.
Not only I, but whomever I spoke to, expressed and continue to air, concern regarding the safety and well being of our beloved Madiba. We cringe in empathy when we observe the increasing discomfort he experiences when climbing steps, walking and getting up from a seat. We are not blind to the fact that the world is filled with fanatics and we fear that he will be ‘removed’ from our presence as magically as he appeared! We are also concerned about his eyes and the problems surrounding it, and we have respect for his seniority. 27 Years took a great chunk out of his life!
All of these issues compact and crystallize into ONE deep emotion: CARE. We care enough to want to protect him at all times, against all foes. Who could do this better? We humbly ask God to protect this MAN from harm and to bless him………’God Bless Madiba’.
Because the name ‘Madiba’ is used in a very loving way and we use our hands to caress and protect the vulnerable, I conceived the imagery of ‘God Bless Madiba’ as follows: Madiba is surrounded and ‘protected’ by two giant cupped hands. The artwork is executed in colored pencil, a very gentle and translucent medium if applied sensitively. My subject usually dictates the medium in which it would like to make itself visible and this is a perfect example of my honest response. I virtually ‘caress’ the paper when I apply the pencil strokes, the delicate movements of my hand hardly visible as I take care not to ‘disturb’ my subject. When using this medium, the white paper left uncovered, becomes as important as the parts that are. This technique was used to great advantage to suggest some shimmering light or ‘halo’ surrounding him, by simply leaving the area directly around his head, untouched. ‘God Bless Madiba’ succeeds as a highly emotive portrait. 

Fine art prints are available, contact: Aleta