MICHAELIS TO MICHALETOS   -International Museum Day 18 May

‘The Pretoria Art Museum came into being in order to house the City Councils growing art collection which had been built up since the early nineteen-thirties. Originally the collection was housed in the City Hall and consisted mainly of the Michaelis Bequest and a small collection of artworks by South African artists. The bequest by Lady Michaelis in 1932, after her husband Sir Max Michaelis’ death, comprised mainly paintings from 17th century Dutch and Flemish artists.

When, in 1955, Pretoria celebrated its Centenary, one of the plans arising from the occasion was the decision to build a permanent art museum. The outcome was one of the most attractive and most modern museums in South Africa. The first sod was turned in Arcadia Park on 26 January 1962 and the foundation stones were laid on 19 October 1962. The Pretoria Art Museum, inaugurated in May 1964, is the city’s only fine arts museum.’

On the 5th November 2013, (exactly one month before Mandela passed away) the 54 art pieces for my solo exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum, was transported through the exhibition hall where the MICHAELIS collection is housed, to where it is currently still on exhibition (until the middle of July 2014) in main hall flanking the left of the Museum entrance.  
The slogan for this years International Museum Day is: