Project Description


This Moroccan oil is rather colorful by comparison. It shows a green wall, a figure clothed in blue and a red door. Morocco and India are colorless and monochrome like Egypt and Athens. Subtle creams, white, sand, straw and ‘blonde’ colors of the desert, contrast with windows and doorways, alleys and arches that create mysterious, cavernous shadows and contrast. Through the use of paint and fabric, visible color is mostly decaying or faded and has been applied by man (resulting in years of layered application) for visual contrast and accent. This is a splendid example of natural Paradox, to which I instantly gravitate.

oil on board 175 x 225 mm
2006 Fez

2012 Sold
2012 Group Exhibition ‘ARTS ALIVE’ Pretoria South Africa
2006- 2012 Galleries Petites Pretoria, South Africa
2006 Solo ‘UNPOLISHED GEMS FROM THE ORIENT’ Inaugural Opening, The Orient Boutique Hotel Pretoria South Africa