Even though I may not want to go anywhere
and even though I may not need to go somewhere,
I deeply resent it when any one creates an obstruction,
or imposes a restriction, on my freedom of movement.

The reason dungeons, airless cellars, jails and penitentiaries were invented, was for the sole purpose of forcibly and severely restricting the movement and comfort of wrongdoers and criminals and punishing them in an inhuman way.

The implementation of the restrictive laws of Apartheid, are therefore the cruelest and most inhumane one could imagine, as they were not based on whether you were a law-abiding citizen or not, but entirely based upon the shade of your skin. 

Being in a continuous and lifelong psychological and physical stranglehold with no hope of ever being released for ‘good behavior’, must certainly have been the most soul crushing existence anyone could ever hope for. 

It is our moral responsibility to ensure that our law makers and all future legislation, always protect the dignity of all law abiding citizens.

Copyright © 2015 ALETA MICHALETOS