I wonder whether the millions of people who spend their entire day in an office, huddled over a computer and at the service of some invisible employer, have a sensual experience when their fingers touch the buttons a few hundred or maybe thousand times a day….? 
How do they feel when they switch off that silent instrument at the end of the day and the days work disappears behind the black face of the screen, leaving no evidence of their toil?
Moving freely in the space of my studio, which has an unobstructed view across the garden, sunbeams flickering on the surface of the pool, I count my blessings…
Although I rarely have the security of a regular paycheck at the end of the month, what I do have is the GOLD OF THE GOAL…. 
All the creative processes that keep me busy towards reaching my goals, fill me with joy and wonder. 
Late afternoon, as I leave my studio, I glance at my easel and see the visible evidence of my days work.
And in the mornings, the first thing I see when I enter my studio, is a painting just begging me to touch it with my brush. I feel needed and wanted where I am.
My being is saturated with life’s ultimate love potion, which is a perfect blend of the intellect and the senses. Awareness, thought, discernment, memory and the creative imagination mingle with the sensual acts of looking and seeing, smelling, hearing and listening, touching and feeling all the aspects of life. 
This is the intoxicating booster, that not only stimulates me, but keeps me creating under all circumstances.

Copyright © 2017 ALETA MICHALETOS