My daily walks, have had a gradual yet dramatic impact on my work the past few years, resulting in major paradigm shifts in my art practice, presently culminating in the ‘ECORGANIC’ series. My heightened awareness of the evolving processes and subtlety of nature’s textures and hues and the impermanence and continuous transformation of life, have infiltrated into the technique and subject matter of my paintings.

My interest in Alchemy is not without reason. I use very little to create rather a lot, and transformation, paradox and the Micro- and Macrocosm- as embedded in Nature, are intuitively expressed through my art. Although I identify with the primitive SOURCE of Creation, I am able to express my feelings in sophisticated paintings which resemble densely layered, intricate organisms and confirm the chaotic vibrancy of life, but which are patiently transformed into a structured order.

I’ve noticed that most of the independent series I have conceptualized so far possess the propensity to develop into impossibly complex organisms that have the capacity to virtually implode upon themselves. However, before they could, I would swing back into a completely new paradoxical style which would be stripped down to the bare essentials and reduced to a calm simplicity. In essence, each one of these styles has the capacity to gradually, through a process of accumulation, grow into a complex, artistic metropolis. I become so entangled, consumed and obsessive with the creative process that I abruptly halt further development, in order to gain some autonomy, clarity and distance.

My earlier works reflect the attitude of an artist delivering an intellectual and controlled ‘monologue’, whereas now, my focus has shifted to the unpredictable rewards that result from several sacred dialogues, in which the opposing forces are reconciled.

My life’s work has, in its expressive and vibrant totality, become a metaphor for the abundance, diversity and endless permutations of creative life.