My paintings are created with pigment.
I have never even considered the absurd notion that certain paintings could be superior because of the amount, or the specific shade of pigment I may have applied.
Value is added through skill, imagination, thoughtfulness and God given talent.
Therefore any judgement of a human being which is based on their amount of pigment, is far fetched.
If ever you find yourself in a judgemental mood, rather consider the alterable and unique moral and ethical traits of a human being.
The impact of variations in character such as loyalty, love, humility, honesty, patience, responsibility, tolerance, dedication and generosity, have far greater repercussions for the general moral health of the inhabitants of this world. 
These traits can be influenced and developed through nurturing, mentoring and by example.  Rather ask yourself: ‘what example am I setting?’
Each human being is a blank slate (tabula rasa) when born (the mind before it receives the impressions gained from experience.The unformed, featureless mind) and his/her specific hue of skin, is merely the variation of a tinted surface on which he/she will paint his/her own character and project his/her unique individuality. 
It does not make sense to judge a work of art by the tint of the canvas, or by it’s under painting
By carefully observing nature, one is forced to conclude that our Creator does not encourage boredom, neither repetition…. and so let’s rather joyfully embrace the endless permutations of humanity and all forms of life which create the dense and magnificent tapestry of our Universe.