I can hardly believe I wrote this 10 years ago: 24/12/2012

It’s high time I start to seriously practice what I preach.


Humans equal chemicals.

There are pollutants, toxins, cleansers, refreshers, detergents, activators, abrasives, softeners, poisons…. Once you realize this, you should go down the list and see which of these types are polluting you and you have been forced to respond to, by continuously trying to avoid or heal the damage and harm they do, and constantly inflict on your body, your mind your environment and your Soul. 

You are consistently trying to survive the onslaught of negativity, chaos and disease, by tolerating and surrounding yourself with them. They mostly have no positive contribution to your life or society but actually keep you so busy applying and exercising damage control, by trying to neutralize, heal and repair all their negative, chaotic, toxic and destructive effects, that you don’t have time to take the necessary positive steps to create and develop all the beautiful facets of your total self. 

Perhaps 2013 will be the right time to step into a purer life of positive choice and action and invite and gravitate towards those who emanate and are surrounded with sweet-smelling, fresh, restorative, invigorating and pure aromas.

-Author- Aleta Michaletos