‘Lock down Labyrinth 2020’ is rather modest in size, although that which prompted me and acted as the catalyst for its existence, was paradoxically the monumental and global, yet highly personal and traumatic ongoing event of the enforced Covid Lock down. Over time, the abundant detail that was generated (and which remained in-flux as it continuously transformed), accumulated to such an extent, that it developed into an intricate, self-contained micro-universe, in which I explored and created endless permutations that remained contained and eventually trapped, within its limited dimensions of 200mm x 250mm.

My choice of colors were calculated to forcibly enhance and lift my gloomy mood. My situation was by no means unique, as similar feelings were experienced by individuals on a global scale. I was deeply affected by the overlapping and ongoing trauma of insecurity, severe illness, death and loss. I started to feel as though I had ‘run out of color’ and I was trapped in my own despondency. 

The painting exudes energy, sinuous movement and vibrant color, that ceaselessly tries to exhaust all manner of permutation, yet it remains confined and restricted and cannot break free from the imposition of borders. It squirms and meanders tirelessly but fruitlessly seeks escape.

 I feel immense gratitude when a painting (on rare occasion) decides to reveal its DNA to me.

The only solution and way forward for me to escape the suffering of perpetual entrapment in the maze, and which forced me to crisscross and meander endlessly, with no exit in sight, was to seek logical answers and a clear way out, utilizing my vision, clarity and fearlessness, to solve the agony of illogical prohibitions and restrictions and enforced isolation and the imprisonment of ‘lock down.’

During a moment of inspired clarity, I took a surprising, bold and deliberate step to finally end the mental, emotional and physical impasse and agonizing anguish and frustration.  I ended my co-dependency and willingness to participate, by the simple, decisive act of signing the painting.

This epiphany occurred  via my bird’s-eye view, when I realized that detachment was my only escape route… rising above the maze and finally escaping into another dimension.

This demure little painting, encapsulates and has become the metaphor for my entire experience of the past 2 years.

The title was only conceptualized after I had signed the painting. 

– (Aleta Michaletos)