‘My intention is to DECREASE the capacity of my ‘online gadgets’ and thereby INCREASE my physical and productive capacity and peace of mind.
I am totally weary of being kept ‘busy’ with irrelevancies and having to receive and receive and then delete and delete only to receive and receive…. never-ending….
Whats-app is a monster that ties it’s victims to a treadmill. My original intention was to reserve it for family and emergency apps only. It is not free and I refuse to work to enslave myself even further.
Time is the most precious commodity I have.
How strange that the 2 people who refuse to go onto FB (where I can manage and choose and archive in my own time) are the 2 who habitually photo-bomb me on whats-app and then demand interaction if I don’t reply immediately.
But now I’ve reached saturation point and the stage of being obstreperous.
Watching the incessant torrential rain in Tampa yesterday and the way it was described as ‘tenderizing’ or softening of the ground, for the eventual and inevitable cataclysmic extraction that would follow, is exactly the way I feel now. Thank you IRMA!’