Nothing reminds one more of the futility of life, than the moment when you realize your precious time has been wasted on the internet, and you have been hoarding tempting ‘visual riches’ which are offered for free.
Notwithstanding the enormous capacity of external hard drives, eventually everything will reach saturation point.
Unless regularly deleted or distributed, it becomes stagnant or it malfunctions and becomes entirely redundant.
The larger the capacity of the ‘container’ or space, the longer you are lulled into endless saving, hoarding, preserving, up-loading of items, whilst on your ‘virtual shopping’ sprees, eagerly collecting all the free treasures available on the Internet….. 
However, when ‘dreaded doomsday’ unexpectedly arrives and full capacity is reached, you will spend the exact amount of time in ‘un-managing’ what you initially imagined was vitally important and precious, as the evidence of your precious time vanishes into the ether.
To remedy this hoarding disease, we should perhaps keep in mind, an image of a monkey or chipmunk, who keep on stuffing their mouths with food when they are confronted with abundance, long after their hunger has been satisfied.


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