Project Description


oil on board 300 x 400 mm
2006 Fez
Collection:The Orient Boutique Hotel

A young lad is seated on worn steps which lead to a heavily studded and bolted door. His vantage point is particularly carefully chosen. Because of its unique position in the elbow of a passage, the door behind him now securely closed, he has the advantage of 2 unrestricted views.
One choice is the mysterious, darker and less attractive option, which is towards the voyeuristic and analytical viewer (or the artist). The other is the view to which his glance is directed and most probably to that which is clearly visible or illuminated or onwards toward an unknown vista or imaginary mirage. Another alternative is that he is simply staring at a blank wall.
The viewer enters the head of the boy, and imagines how far his eyes are wandering or alternatively on what his eyes have come to rest.
Normally, a dream would infuse or ignite the dreamer with some sort of animated energy, which would indefinitely equip him to realise his vision at some future date. In this case, the hunched shoulders of the little street urchin, appears to already indicate not only the outcome but also the content of the dream……

2006 Sold
2006 Solo ‘UNPOLISHED GEMS FROM THE ORIENT’ Inaugural Opening, The Orient Boutique Hotel Pretoria South Africa