I’ve often wondered about love, and what exactly the ingredients are, that attract or repel people from each other.

One often encounters couples or friends, who enjoy each other’s company but on the surface they seem an unlikely match and totally unsuited to each other. 

Yet, they are able to be, or live together, communicate harmoniously and are perfectly happy and content in each other’s company.

I started thinking about how particular I am about wearing certain brands of perfume. Some of the brands I adore are Femme, Chanel no5, Arpege, Rive Gauche, Paloma Picasso

My preference has never changed in 50 years. I’ll add a new discovery, but never discard the one’s I already love – I guess one could liken it to a slowly expanding Harem. In that respect, I remain faithful to what I love.  But being an artist and so easily falling in love and being inspired by newly discovered beauty and then being so intimately dedicated to caressing the painting at hand, is an indication of certain ingrained characteristics. 

I do not abandon on for the other, I merely interchange, rediscover and add to the repertoire as the need arises.

Is a pianist forced to  play only the first note he touched on a piano, or doomed to perform a favorite composition ad infinitum and then never explore the other possibilities? By nature, creatives need to expand, invent, and be open to unusual and inspiring influences.

Obviously there are artists (but not only artists mind you) who are not morally inclined or diciplined and also practice this trait of total abandon and zero inhibition in their private lives, where it obviously creates havoc. Picaso is one such example.

There is also an interesting thought I had, that someone could deliberately disguise their natural (unappetizing aroma) with a heavy dose of an intoxicating one, thereby performing aroma – trickery! 

So maybe, by dulling or tricking someone else’s intuition and finely tuned senses, a cognitive dissonance could develop when the package of nonsense, no longer makes any sense.